Logo for Kuse Vision, a dynamic multitasked GUI layer #

March 17 2010

Kuse Vision is one of my projects at pmworks Research. The primary goal of the project it’s a more organic and fluid user interface, designed for multitasking (OS level, there are other major goals, but I can’t disclose them).

Fig. 1 Project tag used for Kuse Vision at pmworks Research

(Fig. 1) Project tag used for Kuse Vision at pmworks Research

Three days ago, I had some “free” time, in the sense that I couldn’t work on anything, and I decided to polish a bit more the GUI user experience. So I launched myself in the creation of a “logo”, let’s say a symbol of what the UX should reflect.

I didn’t need to make long revisions, I made only 2, just to redefine it. I worked on it only about 1 or 2 very spare hours: the palettes were already chosen; the primary typeface (a new one is required) was selected long before, in internal reports; the strategy was there; pmworks Research project’s Identity guidelines existed; remained only a distinctive provisional symbol to use within the organization (or who wanted to hear about).

Fig. 2 Kuse Vision final logo

(Fig. 2) Kuse Vision final logo. The 'vision' text is a clipping mask (transparent) over the rectangle.

My company makes a very heavy use of Myriad Pro (I really like it). I used the project tag (Fig. 1), included in concepts, mockups, prototypes, (internal) reports, basically everything, as the main guideline for the logo. I tried using Myriad Pro, but it didn’t represent the organic and fluid experience we needed. So I turned to Neo Sans, and here it’s the result: geometric but soft outlines shape the ideal for the high-tech GUI symbol.

In summary the logo creation didn’t require a lot of time, I didn’t even tried different proposals (no need to do so). It just come naturally. It was modeled together with the culture and the product itself (research, prototypes, mockups, etc). It was a (design) product of a visual evolution (more on this later).

Because Neo Sans isn’t free software, I will design a similar typeface only for this, or just edit some free ones.