We did it (traveling back and forth by 1 ms in time) #

April 1 2010

Today we at pmworks Research are proud to announce that we have actually traveled by 1 ms in the future.
The theory behind it, is the Gravitational Corporate Spin. Unfortunately, the article was deleted from Wikipedia
because “too informative”, so I’m explaining it here.

What we did (the theory)

Gravitational Corporate Spin - Crunch

(Fig.1) Gravitational Corporate Spin, around the crunched space-time, time and space are literally separated.

By accelerating the giant bailed out corporates (in our universe you can find a lot of them) spin by just 1/4,
you can form an economic wrapped space-time crunch (like a black hole). But since the region could not absorb
enough mass from its region of space (eg. distribute matter in this space), the space is actually separated from
time in this region, and the result is a space-time warp you can use to travel in the future or back.

When you move your spaceship in proximity to the α spin in the space-time crunch (1013 – 1 m),
you’ll be automatically spun forward by 10-3s (1 ms) in time, since you stuck in space for 1-3s seconds.
To return back you have to use the β spin, that will put you in -10-3s in time.

Gravitational Corporate Spin - Spin Rotation

(Fig.2) Gravitational Corporate Spin, spin rotation.

How does the future look like

Well, its a lot different from ours. It appears to be just a bad dream. In this future there are wars (America and Al-Qaeda), innovation is strangled by a system called patents (this is the hot topic of the moment), difficult economy situations, repetitive history mistakes.

We tried to persuade the people of the future that the actions they were pursuing were bad, and showed them how our world it’s better because we throw those away, but they didn’t show any signs of understanding. So we gave up, and returned back to our beautiful present day, where things like that, just don’t happen anymore.

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