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Codename Kudite will bring next generation systems and methods to scientists, engineers and mainstream users. This is an active project at pmworks research.

Current focus is HCI research for tech-savvy users, such as engineers.

Ptizo - Landing page for the alpha

Ptizo - Landing page for the alpha

Ptizo: time-related services for the smart. Additional information is available on request (if you work at a startup that hires remotes we'd like to talk with you).

Ptizo: Geolocation and DateTime APIs

Blurryjs in action

Blurryjs in action

Blurry.js is an experimental javascript library (written in CoffeeScript) for applying Gaussian blur effects to HTML text and images.

Learn more about Blurryjs

Feather Mockup #1r1

An old first mockup of Feather

Feather is a fast/light cross-platform IDE, web design framework and text editor targeted at designers and front-end engineers.

Learn more about Feather

Typogeo Mockup #1r1

Typogeo Mockup #1r1

Typogeo is an online community for design typography, helping designers choose the right typeface.

Learn more about Typogeo

Firefox Bookmarks: Keyboard Focused Interactions

Firefox Bookmarks: Exploring 2 keyboard focused interactions

Exploring 2 keyboard focused interactions for the Firefox "Add to Bookmark" action,

Learn more about Firefox Bookmarks