Blurry.js - Gaussian blur for the HTML5

Blurry.js is an experimental javascript library (written in CoffeScript) for applying blur effects to HTML text and images. Blurry.js' dependencies include: an html to canvas replacement engine (by default it uses Cufon), a slighty modified version of the StackBlur library for canvas gaussian blur, jQuery and jQuery.waitForImages.

It is amasingly fast though I want to test it with web workers on bigger images. Originally written for and implemented in the new pmworks website, to overcome the problems explained in the "Experimenting with CSS3 SVG filters: blur" post.

$ ->
  $('body').waitForImages ()=>
    blurFx = new Blurry {
      # replace HTMLImageObject with HTMLCanvasObject
      # if only images it is not required
      replaceWithCanvas: true

      # Element(s) to apply the blur
      el: $('section').find('img')

      # gaussian blur radius
      radius: 3

      # after Blurry completes, it calls this method
      onComplete: (_this)->
        console.log 'complete'

Go ahead and take a look at the code on github: